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Token standard and legal information

Token standard

Dexer is a token generated and maintained in the BEP20 standard, as this standard offers the implementation of smart contracts and low-cost token exchange. In addition, users of this blockchain have access to popular wallet management applications, and existing decentralized exchanges provide unlimited possibilities for storing and exchanging tokens in this standard. BNB Chain smart contracts are simple and transparent, and transactions are fast - with confirmations in just a few seconds. With the development of the blockchain market, it may be possible to partially or fully migrate to other blockchains in the future. This would allow for even wider operation of the Dexer project and the blockchain layer.

The token will also include anti-bot functionality to prevent frontrunning, i.e. transactions being executed ahead of those made by investors by machines, which then sell them at a higher price, less favorable for the investor.

What is Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

BNB Chain is a blockchain that offers smart contract functionality and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). BNB Chain was launched with support for the rich ecosystem of Ethereum and DApps tools, making it easier for developers to port their projects from Ethereum. For users, this means that applications such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet can easily be configured to work with BNB Chain. BNB Chain achieves a block time of ~3 seconds thanks to its Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm.

The Dexer token is not related to any issuer and does not contain any obligation to pay for the issuance of tokens or the right to derive profits, income, revenues, etc. The rules of operation of the Dexer token are different from the definition of a security and the principles of operation of security-type financial tokens. The Dexer token does not represent any right to any property, income, or other assets of the enterprise. The user of tokens may exchange them for services or resell them to other persons or entities.

The Dexer token, as a digital contract based on Blockchain technology, is available without restrictions in every corner of the world. Different countries have different approaches to laws governing cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. Before purchasing digital tokens, each buyer should ensure that such activity is legal in their country. The company Dexer LLC, which oversees the operation of the community using Dexer tokens, is based in Georgia and is subject to Georgian law, which permits and legalizes cryptocurrency trading and the use of blockchain technology.