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Why Dexer is a successful project

What needs does Dexer meet

There are more and more tokens in the crypto market, more and more projects, and more and more investors. The demand for token exchange and information services is growing. More and more decentralized exchanges are emerging. Currently, these exchanges focus on providing customers with the basic functionality of buying and selling. Even the largest decentralized crypto exchanges today, such as PancakeSwap or UniSwap, do not offer advanced charts, access to historical transactions and quotes. On one hand, the market is open to everyone and a huge number of users come to it, on the other hand, many solutions are complex and require better knowledge or are not yet available to the average user. Decentralized exchanges focus on providing advanced technological solutions, but their front-ends and transaction applications differ from solutions offered by centralized exchanges.

What would it be like if you knew where to look for attractive, new, interesting, and highly profitable investments, immediately check that the investment is real, profitable, and safe? If you could quickly and efficiently search for new, interesting projects and their tokens, with the certainty that this token is real, 100% reliable, and safe. If you could check the prices of all tokens immediately, at any time, and easily navigate the world of crypto investments, even if you are new to the market and buying your first token. You probably realize that achieving this is not easy. It may seem that access to such knowledge and opportunities is reserved only for people who are well-informed and knowledgeable, or is a world secured for large financial institutions and big players.

Dexer will help you break down limiting beliefs and barriers by facilitating access to data, charts, and transactions. It improves access to information through automation of services on remote devices and offers a transparent interface and user experience designed based on real feedback from users. It can be said that Dexer will be at the forefront of solutions and tools for investors, providing them with automatic systems and robots that were previously only available to large funds and financial institutions.

Dexer's business model is focused on serving the investor/user by connecting to multiple crypto exchanges, allowing them to execute transactions. This model of operation is supported by the openness, transparency, and universality of blockchain technologies. Most exchanges offer API systems that enable the integration of external software and the downloading of data and information about transactions. The usability and quality of the tools offered by Dexer will have a direct impact on the growing popularity of the website, its revenues, and, as a result, an increase in the value of the token. The development of the website will be supported by a rapidly growing market, a growing number of tokens, new users, and new projects.

An important aspect of Dexer's activity is providing tools that work efficiently on mobile devices, as the steady increase in popularity and availability of smartphones around the world will further strengthen the expansion of Dexer.

New projects are continuously emerging in the blockchain market. Most users enter this market by purchasing their first token on a cryptocurrency exchange or through an initial coin offering (ICO). People want to learn about new ideas and projects want to advertise themselves and reach a wide audience. The ideal platform for them is a website with a wide reach, catering to users who invest and support projects in the crypto market. A project-specific pricing policy, timely advertising, and audience quality are the key factors that Dexer uses to successfully attract advertisers and increase revenue.

Why you should buy Dexer tokens

The main competitive advantages of Dexer are:

  • Perfect website functionality on mobile devices
  • Ease of use, fast loading of charts and data
  • A professional version for active investors
  • A strong token community

Thanks to cooperation with the community, organizing beta tests, and collecting feedback from users since the platform's inception, Dexer can easily ensure:

  • a guarantee that the project will follow the most economically feasible direction,
  • an engaged and active community that will serve as both a showcase of the platform on social media and a support system for new users
  • dynamically increasing the quality of service at the lowest possible cost,
  • enabling users to have a real influence on the development and offerings of Dexer.

These advantages provide an opportunity to earn from the increase in the value of the Dexer token, and the projected increase in the token's price will occur systematically with the development of the website. For example, the Dextools website, which issued its tokens for $5 million, had a market value of over $36 million at the end of February 2022.

The Dexer token is a unique token that allows you to earn money in the rapidly growing advertising market of the crypto industry. It enables many innovative, creative blockchain projects to access a community of millions of users- investors who observe quotes, charts, and information from decentralized exchanges. The community engaged in investing is extremely attractive to projects and companies looking for financing and paying for advertising and marketing materials. The revenues generated by the website through the mechanism of buying the token will affect its growing value. Dexer is a utility token and a settlement mechanism for the website. Token holders will have access to advanced website features and airdrops offered by its partners.

6 most important benefits of the Dexer project6 most important benefits of the Dexer project

The token is the driving force behind the website's development and a tool for rewarding investors who support its success. The unique billing mechanism is based on the real income generated by advertising on the website on a daily basis. These revenues are used to purchase tokens, which increases their value. The mechanism of increasing demand and decreasing supply is at work here. A clear and transparent business model makes the economy of the Dexer token easy to understand, forecast, and predict profits or increases in value. The greater the number of users and the higher the ad revenue, the more funds are spent on buying tokens, leading to faster growth. By purchasing tokens and becoming a user of the website, you are contributing to and supporting the project, while also benefiting from its development.

How the price of the Dexer token increases with the increase in the number of website usersThe P / E ratio = 20 was adopted for the valuation.Token growth compared to the number of users

Why is the value of Dexer token growing

Dexer is a deflationary token. Its quantity decreases over time, caused by the mechanism of buying tokens from the revenues generated by the website. The deflation mechanism works on the cryptocurrency market can be seen in the example of the BNB token related to the Binance exchange. Each purchase of BNB is associated with a rapid increase in its value on the exchange. It is worth noting that the BNB price in the initial offering for investors in June 2017 was $0.10 and after almost 5 years it is $394 (February 2022). This means that a thousand dollars invested five years ago is today worth almost $4 million. This is an example of the enormous potential and earning potential of purchasing tokens of innovative projects at the initial stage.

BNB price changes between the ICO and the present timeBNB price changes between the ICO and the present time

Every month, 8% of advertising revenue from is spent on buying tokens. In addition to increasing the value of tokens, this mechanism ensures liquidity and the ability to sell / buy tokens on the exchange at any time. You will be able to trade the Dexer token on decentralized exchanges, and later also on selected centralized exchanges.

The constant demand for tokens and the systematically decreasing supply increase their value. This means it may be worth buying it sooner rather than later. To secure the price, the following rules have been introduced:

  • Dexer will allocate 10% of tokens and 10% of funds obtained from the sale of tokens to secure the liquidity of tokens on centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  • As part of the liquidity programs, attractive farming and staking will be launched for token holders.
  • Larger investors and team members are required to maintain their token resources for a period of several years from the moment of purchasing the tokens.