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Why we support decentralization and create Dexer

Decentralization offers the chance to popularize investing on a large scale, without barriers to entry or control over access. On decentralized exchanges, individuals can trade thousands of different tokens and cryptocurrencies. With just a smartphone, anyone can participate, even in countries without a developed banking system. This represents a unique opportunity for a significant advancement in society.

The decentralized finance market is growing rapidly, and users are seeking improved access to information and user-friendly investment services. Dexer plays a key role in supporting the development of this market by making it easier for individuals to access cryptocurrency projects. It is an incredibly important initiative that provides investors with the tools to monitor quotes, charts, and news that were previously only available on established exchanges. Access to all desired token information and conducting transactions on decentralized exchanges will now be easier and more accessible.

Thanks to its user-friendly tools, Dexer is revolutionizing the way projects are financed by bringing investors and projects seeking funding closer together. The Dexer token is a great option for innovators seeking profitable opportunities and supporting the development of new technologies, financial freedom, and independence. It can be a unique opportunity for you, as well as for all investors who support decentralized finance, and understand the importance of access to information and are aware of current economic changes.

What problems are solved by Dexer


A majority of market participants, 60%, purchase cryptocurrencies as an investment with the expectation of its value increasing. Additionally, over 27% see cryptocurrencies as a way to store value. This demonstrates that the vast majority of users in the blockchain market are interested in and follow the prices of tokens. Given the current number of users (81 million wallets as of March 2022, according to Statista) and the ongoing growth in this number, the demand for information services is significant.

Reasons that mobile phone users in Great Britain and the US own cryptocurrencySource: Measure Protocol, March 26, 2021Reasons that mobile phone users in Great Britain and the US own cryptocurrency

This is further demonstrated by the rapidly increasing number of users of services such as Dextools. In the last six months, the number of users on this website has grown by 174%. This has led to Dextools ranking among the top thousand most visited websites in the world according to Alexa, with over 30 million visits per month.

Growth and total visits to Dextools.ioSource: AlexaGrowth and total visits to

Currently, the offerings of this type of website are quite limited. There are only two significant competitors in the market that offer services similar to - (88 million visits in January 2022 according to Similarweb) and (26 million). This disparity between demand and supply creates an opportunity for to acquire users and establish itself as a leader in the market. By utilizing the utility of the Dexer token, we can work together to support the development of the website as a community, earning revenue and increasing the value of the token.

In addition to the limited competition, the quality of existing websites is also lacking. Users often struggle to find their desired token, navigate charts and tables on mobile devices, and are confronted with cluttered interfaces filled with ads. The technologies employed do not offer many advanced features that active investors expect, such as automation, the ability to view multiple charts, or even create custom quote boards.

Basic problems that Dexer solves

  • A small number of websites with charts for DEX token owners.
  • User-unfriendly interfaces.
  • Low quality of website operation on mobile devices.
  • No tools for advanced users.
  • Limited access to reliable data increasing investment security.
  • Limited supply of high-quality ad space for crypto projects.

Dexer simplifies the process of accessing quotes, charts, and token information for users. Investors can easily locate their desired token and access the website from any computer, phone, or tablet. Active investors can view multiple charts simultaneously, create custom quotes, and benefit from automation features. Dexer connects developing projects in the crypto market with investors by providing sought-after forms of advertising on the website and its social media platforms. The Dexer community actively participates in the development of the website, earning from its growth by increasing the value of the Dexer token. Investing is made easier with Dexer, providing convenient access to information from anywhere in the world on any device.

How Dexer token works

How the Dexer token and User Activity Token mechanism workHow the Dexer token works

Why you should buy Dexer tokens

The DEXER token is worth buying if you anticipate an increase in the value of your tokens. If you are an investor and want to have an impact on the development of tools that you will use or want to become part of the community and benefit from access to information and closed token offers. By purchasing a token, becoming a website user, and utilizing bonus and referral programs, you have a real impact on the development of the website and the increase in the value of your token.

Attaining 5 million users would result in a significant increase in the value of the Dexer token. This is a realistic goal, as sites such as,,, and already have more than 5 million users.

Attractive price of the token thanks to the purchase in the first ICOExpected high demand on listing due to limited supply of tokens in ICO (deflation token)The possibility of selling tokens on the exchange in a short timeA chance for a big profit thanks to the high potential of the projectMinimized risk thanks to ready-made technologies and already launched service