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How Dexer works

Dexer gives millions of users access to information and transactions on the blockchain

Dexer gives millions of users access to information and transactions on the blockchain. Investing in blockchain-based projects is becoming increasingly popular as modern technologies, decentralized finance, and automatic systems provide access to opportunities worldwide, regardless of an investor's wealth. In countries with underdeveloped electronic banking systems, over 80% of residents have smartphones, enabling them to buy various types of digital assets. However, it is crucial to have access to timely information and tools that make investing easier. The phrase "information is money" has gained significance today, even when investing small amounts. To succeed among a community of investors constantly searching for opportunities among hundreds of instruments, access to quotes, charts, automatic scanners, signals, and automatic strategies is essential. These resources should be available from any computer or phone. meets this need by providing millions of users with intuitive tools to browse information, analyze charts, and trade on decentralized exchanges.

Dexer provides you with fast, real-time market insight from anywhere, on your phone, tablet, and computer. In the near future, the ability to easily connect a wallet and trade on decentralized exchanges will also be added to Dexer. Experience the speed of charts on your phone and computer and use user-friendly interfaces that have been carefully designed. will be the primary information access tool for a large group of new investors. The website is intuitive, simple and functional, making it easy for thousands of users to navigate. With smartphones becoming an increasingly important device in the market, users will greatly appreciate the speed and convenience of

Screen with the basic version of the Dexer platform

Dexer thrives on its community, and in turn, the community benefits from its growth.

Many new crypto investors enter the market through their first token investment and look for simple tools to observe quotes and transactions.

Through Dexer's special advertising offer, new projects and their communities will have the opportunity to access tools for observing quotes, charts, and transactions, while the project gains access to attractive advertising terms and Dexer gains new users.

Positioning plays a significant role in the customer acquisition strategy. Users searching for information about their tokens on search engines will be able to find direct links to the page with their token on, making it a cost-effective and efficient strategy. In the initial stage of the website's development, Dexer will also trade ads with websites devoted to crypto markets and make extensive use of social media to promote the website's content and information. Dexer users will also have the opportunity to participate in the special Friends bonus program and receive bonus tokens.

Dexer can be easily found on search engines, social media, materials related to new crypto projects, and websites devoted to cryptocurrencies. Dexer engages with influencers and the community through referrals and airdrops. All of these factors contribute to rapid user growth on the website and make Dexer's offer increasingly attractive to advertisers and partners.

Together, we can achieve and maintain a leading position among information services related to decentralized finance. The poorly developed competition and rapidly growing market provide a prime opportunity to launch the website, and the cost-effective user acquisition strategy increases the chances of project success and profit on the Dexer token. This presents an opportunity for all investors who want to invest in tokens at the initial stage of website development and earn money on its growth.

Dexer will be a highly desirable partner for advertisers

By generating revenue through advertising, offers simple tools for free to a large audience of new and occasional investors. This attractive group of users makes an extremely desirable destination for advertisers in the crypto industry. In addition to the website, investors can also find valuable information about investing and new projects in the industry on Dexer's social channels on Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube. These channels are not only used for communication with users but also as advertising space for advertisers to utilize. High website traffic, and a diversified advertising offering, including not only banners but also social media, rankings, reviews, advertising on charts and airdrops - these are offers sought by advertisers and the source of the token's value increase now and in the future.

Cooperation with Dexer benefits not only millions of users, advertisers, and partners, but also active investors looking for technologically advanced tools. It is the influencers and advisors who guide a wide range of newcomers in using the advanced tools provided by Dexer.


Functionalities available in the third quarter of 2022.

  • Quickly find token data on decentralized exchanges
  • Real-time data aggregation from multiple blockchains in one platform
  • Real-time data aggregation from multiple decentralized exchanges in one platform
  • Real-time data on the latest transactions and current prices
  • View token details
  • Displaying detailed data about the pool
Screen with the basic version of the Dexer platform

Functionalities available in the next stages of website development.

  • automatic generation of signals based on data (automation),
  • testing investment strategies,
  • multi-window, flexible interface that can be easily adapted to the user's needs
  • many charts and data on one screen
Screen with the extended version of the Dexer platform

Charts that evolve with the community

One of the essential tools used by investors is charts. Unlike other websites, Dexer uses its own charting technology, which enables us to develop them in the direction desired by investors. In particular, users of Dexer charts pay attention to their unparalleled convenience and speed of operation on mobile devices. The charts have been carefully designed to make their use intuitive. Even users who have previously used other solutions will quickly appreciate the advantages of Dexer and become accustomed to using them. The use of Dexer's own charts gives a significant advantage in the market, making the website independent from external suppliers and the community may influence the development of this tool in the future.

You can use Dexer on different devices (responsiveness)

Today, we all use multiple devices. When browsing quotes, charts, and information about tokens, we want to be able to do it at any time of the day, using various phones, tablets, or computers that we have at hand, regardless of the operating system, and without the need to install any software. This is how the Dexer website works, it is a responsive system, meaning it can adapt to any type of device and screen. You can conveniently use the website both on your computer screen and on the touchscreen of your phone. You can start viewing your favorite charts and tokens in the morning on your phone, return to them during the day on your computer, and in the evening on your tablet. The system remembers your settings and analyzes regardless of where you are and what device you have with you.

Dexer mobile device support is characterized by:

  • the "mobile first" approach, used from the early stages of design to implementation,
  • simple and intuitive charts designed for use on touch devices,
  • a carefully designed information architecture that allows you to quickly and easily find the necessary materials, which is especially important on small screens,
  • testing all new functionalities with real users, which ensures not only their usability, but also ease of use.
  • speed of operation, achieved through a well-thought-out website architecture, carefully designed by top programmers,
  • saved settings that are shared across all devices used by one user.
Screen with a chart on a mobile deviceScreen with a search functionality on a mobile deviceScreen with pool information on a mobile device

Users from many parts of the world can use Dexer in their own language

Dexer is designed to serve many investors in various countries around the world. The website technology allows us to quickly add and manage additional languages. At launch, the website will be available in English, Spanish, German, and Polish. More languages will be added in the coming weeks. As soon as the user community in another country grows, Dexer is ready to quickly provide support in that language.

Advanced website functions used by active investors

Advanced features make Dexer a powerful tool for active traders. Its usefulness surpasses that of competing websites. Active investors set trends in the development of services, and they serve as examples and authorities for other users. This is an extremely important group for advertisers and Dexer, as they spend a lot of time on the site browsing many pages and charts. It is also a group of loyal users who are willing to pay a subscription fee.

Thanks to the offering of advanced tools, an increasing number of active investors will conduct transactions on decentralized markets. The advanced functions allow users to use an intuitive, multi-window, intelligent investment platform. They can save their settings, view multiple charts simultaneously, and use automatic functions, signals, and trading strategies.

Windows - you will see many charts with one look

Active traders are used to splitting the screen into different windows and seeing multiple charts and data simultaneously. This type of data presentation has so far been available only in programs installed on a computer hard drive. On Dexer, users can enjoy window splitting right in the browser on any computer or tablet without installing any software. Thanks to this, you can place charts, tables, information, and quotations in many windows and freely move them around. You can use the service on touch screens, use different light and dark color schemes depending on the time of day and your preferences, and remember your own window settings. You will appreciate the user-friendly and useful interface and enjoy working with Dexer, returning to it frequently.

Automatic systems allow you to break away from the monitor and gain more time for other pursuits.

Automatic systems now account for over 80% of stock exchange transactions. Thanks to automation, traders can control many markets 24 hours a day without tediously staring at the monitor screen and constantly monitoring the quotation table and charts. Automation gives investors back freedom. With Dexer, you'll be able to generate signals automatically and execute trades when the time is right. The system uses cloud computing technology, allowing you to control your strategies from anywhere by logging in from any computer, tablet, or phone.

By using automatic solutions, you don't need to have any programming skills. Dexer enables you to build your own investment strategies in an intuitive way, using pre-made building blocks. Strategies can be easily tested on historical data. You can use automatic systems to receive notifications, connect your wallet and make automatic trades, and send signals to accounts on other services and exchanges (such as Binance or SkyRocket).

With the use of automation, you can generate signals based on data such as prices, volumes, technical analysis indicators, and more.automation

Each signal can then be utilized to:

  • generate a notification,
  • execute a transaction on a connected wallet,
  • send a signal to an account on another service (e.g. Binance or SkyRocket).

The automation feature on Dexer allows you to create and test entire investment strategies using the historical data provided by the platform, without the need for programming skills.