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Token distribution

The amount of Dexer tokens created will be 500,000,000.

  • 35% of them, or 150,000,000 tokens, will be allocated for sales during the Private Sale and ICO offering.
  • The remaining 65%, or 350,000,000 tokens, will be used for promotional and operational activities related to the development of

Distribution of funds obtained from the sale of tokens

The funds obtained from the sale of tokens will primarily be used to increase the reach and number of website users (marketing - 65% of funds). This will quickly translate into an increase in advertising revenues and an increase in the value of the token. The percentage distribution of funds is presented in the chart below.

Distribution of funds from the sale of tokensDistribution of funds from the sale of tokens

Investments to increase reach and number of website users (65%)

A significant portion of the funds obtained (65%) will be allocated to increase the reach of the website. The goal of this activity is to popularize the website and gain as many users as possible. The purpose of issuing Dexer tokens is (in addition to raising funds for development) to attract new users. During the public stage (ICO), the website will be fully functional and operational, which will allow for the combination of the project's marketing goals with the website's marketing goals. The rapidly growing number of users will immediately translate into an increase in funds for the purchase of tokens, which in a short time will affect their growing value.

Investments in software development (15%)

The funds allocated to technological development will allow for the introduction of additional tools and services to the website's offerings (in accordance with the project's road map), affecting its greater competitiveness, popularity, and usefulness for investors and token holders.

Operating activities (10%)

A small portion of the funds obtained will be used in operational activities related to the website, including server maintenance, social media, customer service, and the sale of services.

Liquidity (10%)

A high liquidity budget will provide unlimited opportunities to purchase/sell tokens on exchanges and will allow for the implementation of projects related to staking and farming tokens.

Distribution of tokens held by Dexer

The remaining portion of the generated tokens will be allocated to promotional activities and the work related to the service. The chart below illustrates their distribution:

Distribution of tokens held by DexerDistribution of tokens held by Dexer

Fund (50%)

It collects tokens for the operational activities of the website and supports website development, thereby increasing revenues and the value of tokens.

Community (10%)

For members of our community who actively participate in the development and acquisition of new users, a loyalty program and remuneration in tokens will be launched.

Sales and marketing (10%)

Activities related to engaging influencer groups, partners, and the crypto market community.

Liquidity (10%)

Tokens intended to ensure liquidity of token trading on exchanges.

Advisors (10%)

Advisors and partners involved in the development and promotion of the website.

Team (10%)

The received tokens are released gradually (according to vesting):

  • 10% of the tokens are released after the TGE.
  • 2% of the Tokens will be credited every subsequent week until all Tokens have been issued.

This scheme encourages the team to remain firmly committed to the success of the project and improves their motivation during the development of the project.