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Preparing a chart library - the basic functionality of the website  Done
Developing functionality and the graphic design of the website  Done
Developing the functionality of advanced website tools  Done
Developing a business model and products for sale  Done
Launching the website  Done
Launching a platform collecting feedback from users  Done
Launching chart sharing tools  Done
Conducting a Private Sale  1st Quarter 2023
Conducting an ICO issue along with acquiring the first users of the website  2nd Quarter 2023
Launching User Activity Token mechanism  2nd Quarter 2023
Placing the token on one of the leading decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.  3rd Quarter 2023
Purchase of the first batch of tokens from advertising revenues. From now on, the purchase of tokens will be carried out on a cyclical basis  4th Quarter 2023
Introducing and servicing at least 5 of the most important blockchains  4th Quarter 2023
Exceeding the level of 100,000 users  4th Quarter 2023
Introduction of additional, paid website services  4th Quarter 2023
Exceeding the level of 500,000 users  1st Quarter 2024
Introducing trading / swap services on decentralized exchanges on  2nd Quarter 2024
Exceeding the level of 1,000,000 users  4th Quarter 2024