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Will the project finish after a specified time?

The project will not finish after a specified time. The aim of the project is to build a website and services that will make it easier for users to use decentralized finance and will make it easier to exchange, buy, and sell digital assets. These types of services will gain importance and value in the coming years, and users who support its development through the Dexer token have a chance to take advantage of the increase in its value in the future.

How will the company empow part of its revenue to increase token's value?

The token operator that will handle the liquidity of the tokens is Dexer LLC. Starting from Q4 2023, this process will be done on a cyclical basis, and Dexer will report the number of tokens purchased on a monthly basis. For this purpose, the company will set aside 8% of its net revenue from the sale of advertising spots on the website. Half of the purchased tokens will be allocated to the Vault, and the other half will be used to reward community members for their activity through loyalty programs. The Vault will be locked until 2033.

What are the estimated funds to buy tokens in the future?

With one million users, Dexer projects to spend approximately $500,000 annually on token buybacks. After two years of operation, it is estimated that the number of website users will reach 5 million, resulting in annual buyback spending of over $2.5 million.

Can I exchange token for Dexer services?

Yes, you will be able to exchange Dexer tokens for Dexer services in the future. Token holders will also receive loyalty rewards in the form of tokens, based on the number of website visits and the number of tokens they hold. Therefore, it is beneficial to keep as many Dexer tokens as possible.

How will the funds from the token sale be allocated?

The funds obtained from the sale of tokens will be used to develop the community and user base of the website. As the number of users grows, so does the potential for advertising revenue, which in turn increases the value of the Dexer token, offering potential profits for token holders.

How long will Dexer use 8% of its revenue to increase token's value?

The funds obtained from the sale of tokens during the Private Sale and ICO will be allocated towards the development of the community and users of the website. As the number of users increases, so does the potential for advertising revenues, which in turn can lead to an increase in the value of the Dexer token and potential profits for token buyers. Dexer commits to allocating 8% of its advertising revenues towards the purchase of the token, up to an amount equivalent to ten times the funds obtained from the sale of tokens during the Private Sale and ICO. The website is the central point of the token system, and the increase in the token's value is of key importance. Therefore, during the project, additional commitments and involvement in buying, and increasing the token's value above the indicated amount may be made.

Where can I sell the Dexer token?

The Dexer project is closely related to exchanges and decentralized finances, therefore the tokens can be traded and sold primarily on decentralized exchanges. 10% of the funds obtained and the issued tokens will be spent on ensuring liquidity and the possibility of free circulation of tokens at any time. The first exchange where tokens can be sold will be PancakeSwap.

What is the price to buy Dexer token?

The initial purchase price of the token in the ICO offer is $ 0.016 or its equivalent in another currency or cryptocurrency. This price will increase over time.

How can I purchase Dexer tokens?

The Dexer token can be purchased in the early Private Sale or in the ICO on After the sale is completed, you will be able to purchase the Dexer token on cryptocurrency exchanges.

How much can I earn on Dexer tokens?

Dexer is a potentially very profitable project. Everyone should independently analyze the risks and possible profits from the purchase of tokens and determine the amount of capital that can be involved in the project. These types of investments are usually very risky and you should only invest money that you can afford to lose. However, high risk may be justified if you expect high returns many times over your initial investment.

Is the purchase of Dexer tokens safe?

Dexer is a project operating in a developing industry that already has ready-made technologies, partnership agreements, and a team of experienced experts. This reduces the risks associated with the implementation of the project. The token economy is based on a known business model, and the demand for services is expected to grow in the coming years. These factors significantly reduce the risk of project failure and distinguish the token from projects based on an idea or an unproven business model.

What is a Dexer token?

Dexer is a utility token that serves as a settlement mechanism for the community gathered around the website.

When can I get Dexer tokens?

The token distribution is scheduled for 2023. Once the distribution is launched, liquidity will be provided on the exchange, allowing the tokens to be traded immediately. The distribution will include a vesting program, where 10% of the purchased tokens will be received immediately, and then 2% of the tokens will be released per week in a linear manner.

Why is the number of tokens fixed (hard cap) and what does this mean for token's value and its investors?

The Dexer project has a clearly defined goal and agreed upon financing methods. With the use of ready-made technologies, the main purpose of issuing tokens is to develop the community. For this reason, the number of tokens can be precisely determined. The limited number of tokens and their small supply provide an opportunity for investors to earn faster and more. Due to the defined, constant amount of tokens, it can be assumed that their number will decrease as a result of buying, leading to a surplus in demand and pressure to increase the price.

What is a User Activity Token?

A token whose tokenomics is based on community activities. The number of activities performed by website users (Activity) translates into views and ad revenue. Growing revenues from advertising allow for the buyback of more and more tokens, which limits the supply and increases the token's price. The User Activity Token is a revolutionary, original adaptation of the concept of "move to earn" and "play to earn" and draws on the experience of concepts such as "Activity = Reward," "Rewards for Completing Activities," and "Activity Rewards."