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The team responsible for the Dexer project is an international group of experienced experts who specialize in investments and technologies. The team's unique potential is supported by their practical experience and successes in the implementation of projects in the areas of finance, venture capital, blockchain technology, automatic services, robo-advisory, algorithmic transactions, robotics, cross-market equity, and the crypto market.

Zbyszek Baszczuk
Over 20 years of experience in managing companies in advertising and media. A specialist in the field of UX research and analysis and marketing.
Kuba Korecki
Programmer with over ten years of experience in using Java and JavaScript to create responsive websites, mobile applications and interactive functions. Smart contracts and Blockchain technology specialist. Investor and DeFi aficionado.
Sonia Horbatowska
Social Media Manager
Graduated from Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts in Poznań. Three years of experience in product design, visual communication and advertisement. Following innovative trends and solutions that help building up a community.
Magda Chrześcian
UX/UI Designer
UX/UI designer, and UI developer with over seven years of experience. A specialist in creating complex interfaces mainly for the innovative financial sector. A huge enthusiast of the design thinking approach and systemic design.

Eduardo Gamarci
15+ year-experience as a professional trader working for proprietary trading firms. Involved in developing algorithmic trading tools and software for the Equity, Option and Cryptocurrency markets.
Floris Moerkamp
With 13 years of experience and building companies in fintech and online marketing, he coaches entrepreneurs and business leaders to rethink the way they work. Buying his first Bitcoin in 2011, he is obsessed with scaling the crypto space and helps DAOs coordinate work in a decentralized way.
Martín Arroyo
Experienced driven professional, with a solid background in sales and marketing. Skilled in strategic planning and blockchain business development. Martín holds an MBA degree from IAE and currently coordinates the Blockchain and Decentralized Finance Executive Program at CEMA University.