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How to buy tokens

Token distribution stages

Dexer tokens are sold in two stages: Private Sale and ICO. In Private Sale, tokens are sold before the launch of the official ICO campaign, and at a cheaper price than in the ICO stage. This stage is targeted at key individual investors, industry partners, and targeted sales channels. The ICO stage is aimed at a wide range of investors in the crypto industry and users of the website, and is conducted through various marketing and influencer channels. The pool of tokens in the Private Sale stage is limited and can be checked on the website. Purchasing tokens in this stage grants access to a limited offer and the potential for higher profits. Meanwhile, buying tokens in the ICO stage offers increased security of transactions, as they will be listed on an exchange shortly after purchase.

Dexer offers tools for a wide range of investors and places a strong emphasis on its community as a key component of its development strategy. Tokens have been issued in a way that allows for rapid user growth and the potential for users to earn money through the website's development. The ICO takes place upon the website's launch, allowing users to appreciate the value of Dexer's services. Funds raised from the ICO will be used to expand the range of services, increase revenue, and ultimately drive up the value of the token, aligning with the key objectives of investors. By purchasing tokens, investors have the ability to directly impact the increase in their value. The public issuance of tokens is intended to give website users the opportunity to actively participate in the website's development through the mechanism of token value appreciation. The community has great potential, as a user referring two friends who use the service weekly could lead to a growth of 1000 users to one million within three months.

Purchase at the Private Sale stage

To purchase tokens during the Private Sale stage, visit the website and click the "buy tokens" button. You will be able to choose an offer that suits your investment size. It's best to act quickly as the price increases over time and the private offer is limited in both time and the number of available tokens.

As part of the limited Private Sale offer, 50,000,000 tokens will be available at a preferential price. The preferences will depend on the timing of the purchase and the size of the order. The earlier the purchase and the larger the token package, the greater the preference and the more attractive the purchase price. The initial purchase price will be $0.011.

Sales stages and token prices at the Private Sale and ICO stageSales stages and token prices at the Private Sale and ICO stage

Purchase at the ICO stage

During the ICO stage, you can purchase tokens automatically by accessing the sales panel from the website or by going directly to the website. After connecting your wallet, you can purchase Dexer tokens using BUSD. As with the Private Sale stage, the number of available tokens at a certain price is limited and the token price increases over time.

100,000,000 tokens will be available for purchase in the ICO offer. The initial selling price will be $0.016 (BUSD equivalent at the start of sale). The price will increase along with the sale of subsequent token packages. The token price will increase by $0.0002 after 5,000,000 tokens have been sold. The average selling price in the ICO offering will be $0.0179 and the final price will be $0.0198. The minimum number of tokens that can be purchased is 10,000 and the maximum amount is 700,000.

You can acquire additional tokens by participating in the referral program. This program is also a part of building the community. Both the referrer and the referred will receive an additional 5% of the tokens.

How the Dexer referral system works:

  1. You purchase Dexer tokens.
  2. You recommend the project to a friend, providing them with your wallet address from which you made the purchase.
  3. After making the purchase, your friend enters your wallet address as the referrer (he receives an additional 5% of tokens).
  4. You receive an additional 5% of tokens.


  • You bought 50,000 tokens from a XXX wallet and referred the project to your friend.
  • Your friend has purchased 100,000 tokens by entering your XXX wallet address as the referrer.
  • Your friend receives an additional 5,000 tokens, you receive an additional 5,000 tokens.
  • The additional tokens are allocated along with the purchased tokens after they are generated.

Vesting - How will I receive my DEXER tokens

The token distribution is scheduled for 2023. Once the distribution is launched, liquidity will be provided on the exchange, allowing the tokens to be traded immediately. The distribution will include a vesting program, where 10% of the purchased tokens will be received immediately, and then 2% of the tokens will be released per week in a linear manner.