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Decentralized exchanges are changing the world

The cryptocurrency market is growing

The crypto market is expanding and continues to grow. An increasing number of people are owning cryptocurrencies - the number of blockchain wallet users reached 81 million in January 2022.

Number of wallets on blockchainSource: Data for January each yearNumber of wallets on blockchain

Trading of crypto assets is growing, with turnover increasing and the number of active investors on the rise. According to Statista, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies surpassed $2.3 trillion in 2022.

Crypto market capitalizationSource: Statista.comCrypto market capitalization

The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly, but this is just the beginning of the revolution. The total value of all Bitcoins is less than $0.5 trillion, accounting for about 40% of the crypto market value. In global terms, this is still relatively small; for example, the market capitalization of just one company, Apple, is $2.7 trillion, Google - $1.8 trillion, Amazon - $1.6 trillion, and Tesla - $1 trillion. When considering the immense potential of cryptocurrencies and the impact that decentralized finance can have on the future of transactions, we are only at the beginning of the changes. Imagine a future where all transfers, transactions, purchases, orders, confirmations, and contracts are on decentralized ledgers. This market will grow at an unprecedented rate, creating profit opportunities for all innovators.

The media market and the sector of crypto advertising is changing

The blockchain market in the media, advertising, and entertainment industry was valued at $166.6 million in 2020 and is projected to reach $4,371.31 million by 2026. This means that the market will grow at an astonishing rate of 71.4% annually (CAGR).

The value of blockchain market in the media and advertising industrySource: Mordor IntelligenceThe value of blockchain market in the media and advertising industry

Blockchain technology is transforming existing business models and enabling the creation of new ones. Digital technologies are drastically changing the global media and entertainment industry, particularly in the areas of content production and distribution, with blockchain being the most significant technological advancement. According to Accenture, 55% of media and platform executives believe blockchain is their company's fifth most important priority. Furthermore, 83% of executives intend to increase investment in blockchain over the next three years. This highlights the vast potential of the blockchain advertising market, with the number of advertisers and content providers in this market set to grow at a rapid pace. There will be more blockchain projects seeking funding, new tokens listed on decentralized exchanges, new NFT tokens, new users, and token holders. These changes will result in a significant demand for advertising space and a rapid increase in token holders and users who want to access information and assess the value of their tokens.

Since 2018, advertising in the cryptocurrency market has been gaining prominence. This is evident in the success of the Coinzilla advertising network, which is a leader in this market. Due to its rapid growth, Coinzilla currently delivers over a billion views per month in 160 countries worldwide.

Monthly ad impressionsSource: Coinzilla.Monthly ad impressions

The way of investing is changing

Today, traditional investment methods are becoming increasingly difficult and confusing for clients, complicated by complex regulations and payment systems. People are losing trust in financial institutions which are perceived as control tools. At the same time, the amount of disposable household funds available for investment is growing at a rate of 7% annually. This means that there is more and more money in the markets and a growing number of investors looking for profitable opportunities. People want to invest easily, freely, and affordably. The blockchain market, more than any other, meets these expectations by eliminating quotas or geographic barriers, preserving confidentiality, and providing access to a wide range of projects.

Investors require modern tools, quotes, charts, and signals. Most investors also prefer to use automated solutions. According to Accenture research, 78% of respondents are willing to use fully electronically generated investment support. Automated services have the potential to popularize investing on an unprecedented scale, and digital tokens may soon be present in every household representing rights to real estate, cars, artwork, subscriptions or income from ventures. This all means that the Dexer project has a great opportunity for growth and the first token holders have a unique opportunity to become financially successful from the very beginning.

Real opportunity happening once in a generation

Ric Edelman, founder of Edelman Financial Engines, told CNBC that the cryptocurrency space reminded him of another revolutionary technological development from several decades ago.

“This is really like the internet back 20 or 30 years ago. We have to recognize that this only comes along once in a generation. And the innovative technology is allowing businesses to operate faster, cheaper with greater transparency, greater security". He added that the wide potential for bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology creates huge opportunities for investors. “We now have the benefit of experience. We know how the internet just exploded in growth through the 1990s. That’s where we’re at today – incredibly early for the investors who are recognizing the opportunities that aren’t going to exist 10 or 15 years from now the way they exist today.”

Revolutionary changes brought about by the internet and now blockchain are extremely rare. Unlike a regular income from a job, such opportunities can greatly impact our lives. While it involves taking risks and is not accessible to everyone, the generated income can enable us to change our lives and achieve our goals. It is enough to look at people who constantly seek opportunities, invest, and have the courage to make decisions. The beauty of the blockchain market is that you don't need millions of dollars to participate and anyone can adjust the amount of investment to their capabilities.

What are the benefits of decentralized exchanges

Traditional stock exchanges, as well as large cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Bitmex, or Coinbase, are involved in every crypto market transaction, they keep investors' funds in their accounts, accept deposits, and make withdrawals. This means that when you decide to use their services, you must fully trust their intentions and security by entrusting them with your funds. Centralized exchanges independently decide which assets are listed on them, providing limited access to only selected cryptocurrencies. They may also impose territorial limitations, quota restrictions, or issues with user identification.

Decentralized exchanges operate differently. They eliminate barriers to accessibility and local regulations in individual countries. Transactions conducted on them rely on direct flows between individual users' wallets. These flows are executed automatically based on the algorithm contained in the smart contract. There is no need to entrust your assets to a third party or verify your identity. This means that anyone in any country has access to decentralized exchanges, while maintaining principles of privacy and control over their own funds. In addition, we can exchange any tokens and cryptocurrencies on decentralized exchanges. For example, over 520,000 tokens are available on the Uniswap exchange (liquidity pools were created for that many pairs of tokens), while on Coinbase only several dozen are available (as of February 2022).

Users will find promising tokens of young projects as well as tokens that have been on the market for many years, profit-oriented tokens, and collector tokens. The ability to easily exchange tokens between users creates unlimited possibilities.

These unique features make the decentralized finance market grow rapidly. Anyone with access to a smartphone can perform transactions, even if the banking system of the country in which they live is underdeveloped. This presents a unique opportunity for a civilization leap in developing countries and widespread adoption of decentralized technologies.

Dexer supports the development of decentralized exchanges

Like all new solutions, decentralized exchanges have their weaknesses. One of them is limited usability. Developers often focus on engineering solutions, neglecting the design of a simple interface. Users must be careful not to make mistakes due to ignorance or lack of experience, such as sending funds to the wrong wallet address or buying the wrong tokens with a similar name. There is a lack of available tools such as charts, historical quotes, information about transactions, or notifications. With an increasing number of decentralized exchanges, the gap in access to tools for investors is being filled by services like It offers solutions that can be used by millions of users to easily navigate both existing decentralized exchanges as well as those that are emerging and developing rapidly.

How dexer helps to develop decentralized finances