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Dexer Private Sale

Take advantage of the offer for early investors, invest in the initial phase of the project before the price of the token is set by the market.


User Activity


User Activity is a unique type of token whose price increases as the activity of platform users increases.

platform launch

~7 minute


~30 minute


investing in a new crypto project


in a new crypto project

is not easy

The biggest and most common problemsfaced by people investing in tokens come down to lack of sufficient knowledge about the crypto market and limited access to interesting projects. Frequent obstacles that stand in the way of a good investment also include limited financial resources, a lack of time to analyze projects on one's own, and a fear of fraudsters.

So if you face restrictions that block you from accessing new projects, or you sometimes feel you have too little knowledge to judge a given project and are concerned about cheaters, you are experiencing what everyone else is experiencing. You're just realizing that investing in tokens is not easy.

Being investors ourselves, we understand the complexity and insecurity when it comes to making the right investment decision. That is why we do everything in our power to help you understand exactly what you're investing in. We make sure you feel secure in your investment choice.

We believe everyone deserves a chance to invest at an early stage of the project when the price is low and before the token price rises a hundred times on exchanges.

Here is how we do this

We invite you to the Dexer project during Private Sale.

We offer our knowledge and experience of many projects on the crypto market.

Our platform will be launched before the ICO. This means that you are sure that Dexer is not just an idea, but a technologically-ready platform created by our team of experts and professionals.

We have created a lot of helpful material and invited recognized experts to help you analyze the project.

The minimum investment amount is low so that each future user of the website can buy Dexer tokens at the beginning.

To achieve success, we cooperate

with the best companies in our industry


User Activity Token

How it works

What to do to earn

on the DEXER token

Explore the project

DYOR - Do Your Own Research. Make sure your decision is right. Watch the video about the, read Pitch Deck and White Paper.

the value of your tokens increase

Thanks to user activity, the value of your tokens increases - you will see their price rise on the market.

your dreams come true

Sell your tokens on an exchange at any time. Enjoy profit-taking and use your profits as planned.


Promise to You

Best price guarantee

Best price guarantee

We guarantee that you buy tokens at the lowest possible price and that subsequent buyers in the ICO offer will not be able to buy these tokens cheaper.

Sales guarantee

Sales guarantee

We guarantee that you will be able to sell your tokens on the exchange at any time you choose.

Service launch guarantee

Service launch guarantee

We guarantee that you will be able to use the website in Q4 2022

See what recognized experts

are saying about the Dexer project

Dexer - a token browser with a scam filter is a much needed service on the market. I believe that thanks to Dexer, millions of new investors will discover a place where they can find information about tokens, their price, and chart in a safe, fast and simple way. It is rare to invest in such an interesting project at the Private and ICO stage.

Tomasz Korecki

Dexer brings a completely new approach to live streaming charts dapps. A ready-to-go charting platform and social network using cutting edge technology helping traders and investors to succeed in the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Eduardo Gamarci

When evaluating projects, I look at the people who create them, and in the Dexer team you find professionals. I think they will take this project high and the website will gain in popularity every day.

Piotr Piasecki

dexer application

By investing in

Dexer tokens

you get

  • 1.

    A token whose value grows as the activity of website users increases.

  • 2.

    Access to the investor community, their knowledge and ideas.

  • 3.

    Access to Dexer services reserved for token holders:

    • advanced swap functions
    • automatic orders
    • exclusive private offers
  • 4.

    Voting rights and influence on the development of the website.

  • 5.

    Additional earnings resulting from your activity on the website.

  • 6.

    The possibility of exiting the investment through the exchange.

invest in dxr tokens in private stage

Free assistant
to invest in new tokens

Are you wondering how to verify and choose attractive, valuable projects and invest in tokens? Download the free ICO investment assistant to help you make the right decisions.



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