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Token economy

How the Dexer token works?

Dexer is a community token, based on blockchain technology. It is a digital contract that does not represent any liabilities or receivables towards any issuer. The token serves as a means of cooperation between users, the service, and partners of the service. The faster the website develops and the more revenues and users it attracts, the faster the token value will grow.

Token utility functions

In addition to being a mechanism for supporting and earning money jointly on the development of the website, the Dexer token also serves as a means of purchasing various products and services on the website. The ability to make purchases on attractive terms using the token creates an additional demand for it and a mechanism for price increase. Access to hidden offers, exclusive analysis, and automated tools will make token ownership a symbol of access to exceptional information, and can have a positive impact on investment performance. Key useful functions of the token include:

  • Convertibility - You will be able to exchange the token at any time for traditional currencies or other cryptocurrencies.
  • Payment - the token is an internal payment method of the website.
  • Access to "hidden" tools - such as a large transaction scanner, ahead signals, private token offers, airdrops. Only Dexer token holders will have access to selected, unique service tools.

How the growth of the Dexer comminuty affects the growth of token's value

The blockchain market is undergoing dynamic development. Many projects are seeking to advertise their services, but the availability of ad space suitable for blockchain industry projects is limited. It can take up to six months to secure free ad space on competing websites. Given current market rates, we can predict revenues, expenses, and an increase in the value of the token in relation to the number of future users of the website. These dependencies are illustrated in the chart below.

Forecast of the increase in the value of the Dexer token over time as the number of users increasesForecast of the increase in the value of the Dexer token over time as the number of users increases.

Why it pays to buy a DEXER token ASAP?

The purchase of the token drives its growth in value. Early buyers receive a bonus in the form of an attractive price. Before investing in Dexer, please carefully and independently assess the opportunities and risks. When evaluating the Dexer project, pay attention to:

Ready made technologies

At the time of the initial coin offering (ICO), the service is already operational. Unlike many other projects in the cryptocurrency market, the Dexer project is not just an idea but a ready-made, rapidly developing venture. You can evaluate its success by observing its charting technology, website performance on mobile devices, quotes, and transaction history. The developed technologies will also enable the launch of the pro version of the website, new language versions, new blockchains, and additional transaction functions in the coming weeks. These ready-made technologies also mean that the funds collected during the ICO will primarily be used to increase the number of website users, which will directly impact the value of the token.

Committed community

In addition to its ready-made technologies, the Dexer project's strong point is its user community. It's worth buying a Dexer Token not only at the beginning but also later, as its value increases with revenue and user growth. The referral program allows each token buyer to realistically contribute to the token's value appreciation. Therefore, Dexer is a strong community token that rewards its users.

Dexer team

The team members have been developing tools and services for financial market investors for years. You can verify their expertise by visiting Dexer and the team section of the White Paper. Unlike other projects, the Dexer team is not anonymous, and you can review each member's information and social profiles. The team is rewarded with a portion of the tokens, but they will only begin receiving them in accordance with the vesting plan one year after the initial token listing on an exchange. This ensures the team's stability and commitment to development, which guarantees the token's operation and value appreciation.

Dynamic market at an early stage of development

The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly, and decentralized exchanges are a rapidly developing area within it. There are currently only two major competitors that have recently entered the market. Demand for information services from decentralized exchanges will continue to increase, providing a great opportunity to establish a presence in the market and gain a "first-mover" advantage. Furthermore, the demand for advertising in the crypto industry is steadily increasing as more projects and new tokens are introduced. The current advantage of demand over supply allows for starting a profitable service in a short time.

Reliable partners

The partners and investors in the Dexer project are major industry players, including Revenue Capital, who ensure the website's development and the sale of advertising space. Revenue Capital has a strong focus on funding young cryptocurrency projects, making them natural advertisers for Dexer. The decentralized investment services such as launchpad, airdrops, and voting complement the advertising services offered by Dexer.